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All shipments are subject to our terms and conditions. Call 602-277-4747 to arrange terms outside our standard terms and conditions.

1. Shipper warrants that each article in the shipment is properly described on the bill of lading and has not been declared by Hot Shot Delivery, Inc. & Hot Shot Logistics, Inc. to be unacceptable for transport. Shipper further warrants that the shipment is properly described, marked, addressed and packaged to ensure the transportation with ordinary care in handling and where applicable, that the shipment conforms with the Private Express Statutes.

Currency bullion, stamps, explosives, hazardous materials, negotiable instruments in bearer form, property the carriage of which is prohibited by any law, regulation or statute of any federal, state or local government. All shipments may, at Hot Shot Delivery, Inc. & Hot Shot Logistics, Inc.'s option, be inspected.

The liability of Hot Shot Delivery, Inc. & Hot Shot Logistics, Inc. is limited to the sum of $200.00 unless a higher Value is declared for carriage herein and a higher charge paid at the rate of $1.00 per $100.00 in value. The maximum higher declared value is $2,500.00. When multiple packages are placed on a single bill of lading but the shipper has not specified the declared value of each individual package, the declared value for each individual package will be determined by dividing the declared value on the bill of lading by the number of packages indicated on the bill of lading, subject to the $200.00 minimum declared value per individual package. The liability of Hot Shot Delivery, Inc. & Hot Shot Logistics, Inc. is limited to the declared value of the shipment or the amount of loss or damage actually sustained, whichever is less. Should your requirements be different than above, please contact Hot Shot Delivery, Inc. & Hot Shot Logistics, Inc. for other arrangements.

Hot Shot Delivery, Inc. & Hot Shot Logistics, Inc. is not liable for loss, damage, delay, mis-delivery, or non-delivery caused by violation by the shipper or consignees or other party who claims interest in the shipment of any conditions of contract contained in this bill of lading, including, but not limited to, improper or insufficient packaging, securing, marking or addressing, or failure to observe any of the rules relating to shipments not acceptable for transport; for acts of God, perils of the air, public enemies, public authorities, acting with actual or apparent authority, magnetic injury, erasure, or other such damage to electronic or photographic images or recordings, acts or omissions of customer, strikes, riots or other local disputes, hazards incident to a state of war; weather conditions or mechanical delay of aircraft or automobiles.

Hot Shot Delivery, Inc. & Hot Shot Logistics, Inc. shall not be liable in any event or under any circumstances for any special, incidental or consequential damages, including but not limited to loss of income, profits, interests, utility, loss of business opportunity or market, whether or not Hot Shot Delivery, Inc. & Hot Shot Logistics, Inc. had knowledge that such damages might be incurred.

Any claim for loss or damage must be brought by the shipper and delivered in writing to the office of Hot Shot Delivery, Inc. & Hot Shot Logistics, Inc. within 30 days of the date of such acceptance. No claim may be made against Hot Shot Delivery, Inc. & Hot Shot Logistics, Inc. outside of that time limit. Transportation charges may not be deducted from any such claim and no claim for loss or damage will be entertained until all transportation charges have been paid.

6. Notwithstanding the shipper's instructions to the contrary the shipper shall be primarily liable for all costs and expenses related to the shipment of the package, and for costs incurred in either returning the shipment to the shipper or warehousing the shipment pending disposition.

7. These terms and conditions shall apply to, and inure to the benefit of Hot Shot Delivery, Inc. & Hot Shot Logistics, Inc. and its authorized agents and affiliated companies, and their officers, directors and employees.


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